Welcome to the Dreams of Learning Project College Graduates Page!

What did you get out of your college or university experience? There is a lot of conversation in our culture about the value of a college education, usually focusing on how a college degree gets the recipient a better (higher paying) job. I know that I got much more than that out of my college education, and this project aims to discover and disseminate what people actually do gain from going to college other than jobs.

My research and academic training shows that there are human characteristics and capacities that are hard (or impossible) to measure accurately and meaningfully. I hope to find out how important those kinds of things are for people, and that reporting on that can change our society’s conversation about college.

At this point, I’ve created a survey for college and university professors so that I can learn what professors hope for their students to gain from a college education. I’ll be adding a survey for people who have gone to college soon, and over time, I’ll update this site to describe my findings. So if you went to college, please check back here soon to take that survey. In the meantime, if you know a professor, ask them to take the survey at!

Thanks for visiting and reading.

Raymond J. Shaw, Ph.D.